Respect Week Is Here

This week, Oct. 2-6, is the Week of Respect for New Jersey schools. We will have a series of activities and spirit days to celebrate.

Here is what we have planned:

Respect Banner: On Monday, all students will sign this banner, pledging to focus on learning more about each other and how to respect everyone in the Seth Boyden family.

Respect Assembly: On Friday, the whole school will meet outdoors and engage in a fun program run by our staff.

Spirit Days (Participation is Optional):

  • Monday, October 2nd – Seth Boyden Wears White:
    Students try wear a white shirt or pants to start the week off with a new beginning.
  • Tuesday, October 3rd – Seth Boyden Wears the Rainbow:
    Students try to wear all the colors of the rainbow to celebrate our diversity.
  • Wednesday, October 4th – (Picture Day) Seth Boyden Wears Our Favorite:
    Students try to wear a favorite team’s jersey or a t-shirt of their favorite movie/book/band.
  • Thursday, October 5th – Seth Boyden Wears… TBD by Grade Level
    Students in each grade level will try to wear the same color shirt or the same accessory.
  • Friday, October 6th – Seth Boyden Wears… School Spirit Day
    Students try to wear Seth Boyden Gear. (Buy it here.)