5th Grade Dinner-Dance

The annual 5th Grade Dinner-Dance is this Thursday, Feb. 8, in the school gymnasium. Dinner starts at 5:30, dancing at 7. As you know, our kids have been getting ready for this event by taking dance lessons through NJPAC’s Dancing Classroom residency since the late fall.

This week, our students will practice their etiquette during lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The lessons will be taught by the New School of Etiquette (NSOE) in South Orange.

Students will learn:

  • Cultural norms/American + European Style Dining
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Enter/Exit Table
  • Sitting and Beginning
  • Precedence in Seating
  • Place Setting
  • Silent Service Code
  • Navigating 4-Course Meals
  • Proper use of utensils
  • Rest and Finish Positions
  • Place Setting/Formal Table Setting
  • How to eat and serve soup, salad, bread, main course, dessert
  • Proper use of finger bowls

The etiquette practice lessons will take place in the School Auditorium (set up will take place on the stage) on February 6th, 7th, and 8th during the following times for each of the four classes:

  • Tuesday – 12-1 LaForest/Goldsworthy
  • Wednesday – 12-1 Kiess
  • Thursday – 12 -1 Egerton/Bathmann
  • Thursday – 1-2 West

To make this a wonderful experience for our kids WE NEED YOU!

For the etiquette practice lessons, we need volunteers for each day to help with providing/serving of food and clean-up. PLEASE CONSIDER BRINGING A DISH OR VOLUNTEERING DURING THE LESSONS. Sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050d49a9ab28a75-5thgrade.

We also need volunteers to help on the night of the dinner dance, to help with decorating the gym, and later that evening with the serving of the food. There will be a sign-up for this, too.

For now, please mark your calendars and thank you, in advance, for your help and support.