Gertrude Hawk Fundraising

We are pleased to offer Gertrude Hawk Chocolates as part of our fundraising program again this year. We need your participation to reach our goal! Please note that we do NOT recommend door-to-door selling.

Every student who sells at least ONE ITEM will receive a PRIZE! Levels are based on total sales. If you submit a brochure order and sell online, your child’s name (spelling) must match exactly to earn his/her prize(s).

Online Fundraising Program

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates has an ONLINE FUNDRAISING program! Simply setup a Fundraising user account, then email co-workers, friends and family your participant number to ask for their support.

How do online orders get delivered? Online orders placed within the sale dates February 1 through February 16, 2018, can choose to have their orders delivered for free with the main shipment. (Seller responsible for delivering order)


Out of town friends and family can choose to send their orders directly to their home! (Shipping fees apply) With this option, orders can be placed now through Sunday, March 25, 2018!

All web orders require credit card payment, that’s money YOU DON’T HAVE TO COLLECT!

Please check the back of your brochure for instructions on how to get started!
Your Group Code is 119865
For online support or any questions, call Gertrude Hawk Chocolates 1-800-706-6275.

Sale Dates and Instructions

Our sale begins Thursday, February 1, 2018!

Order form (top copy) and money are due Thursday, February 15!
* Keep the bottom color copy and brochure for your records
* Total dollars sent in should equal Grand Total Amount on order form
* Make checks payable to Seth Boyden PTA

Estimated order pickup is the week of March 5th!

Contact Pia Jones or A.J. Edge at with questions!