‘The Lion King Jr.’ — That’s a Wrap!

‘The Lion King Jr.’ was a truly amazing show, with incredible performances by our kids and Broadway-quality production value. So many people to thank for all of their hard work, starting with Director Kelly Heinze and Producer Amy Goring.

This show would not have been possible without Principal Damion Frye, who worked to include musical theater in our regular school days, which made ‘The Lion King Jr.’ a possibility for many students who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to participate.

Countless others contributed to the success of the show (see the program for names), but other major contributors included:

  • Catherine Martinez, costume design and production
  • Petra Pankow, mask and animal design and production
  • Liz Blazer, digital animation, marketing poster and T-shirt design
  • Peter Vaughan, projection and technical advisor
  • Regina Bradshaw, music and voice coaching
  • Heather Kushner and Joey Meyer, choreography
  • Michael Pankow and Mark Goring, set design and production
  • Sonya and Anthony Artis, props
  • Kim Hammer, makeup
  • Jane Buchanan, ticketing and more
  • Nadine Kerstan, business ads and publicity
  • Leah Van Doornik, chorus class support
  • Claudio DiSilva, lighting
  • Anna Herbst, headshots and photography
  • Holly Raye, microphone tech support
  • Ms. Subbie, organizing the gigantic wildebeest art project