A Letter From Mrs. Glander and Ms. Murphy

Dear Seth Boyden Families,

We often say we are a school family, but yesterday’s unexpected weather crisis tested that saying and we showed beyond measure that we are Seth Boyden strong!

In countless small ways, individuals contributed to the success of our communal response to the up to six-hour delay in children getting to their families. Let us begin with our fabulous children. Here is how they responded:

  • They remained calm and orderly in the auditorium, even when the featured video selection was not necessarily what they hoped for and the sound was less than optimal.
  • They volunteered to help by ingeniously rerouting the speakers through a microphone (or some such thing) to substantially improve the audio (GO FIFTH GRADERS!)
  • Oldsters happily took on the duties of temporary safety patrol and escorted youngsters to the rest rooms.
  • Oldsters carried apples from the cafeteria, and water, juice and Legos from the office.
  • The “Final Fifteen” broke up into teams to clean up the auditorium.
  • Older siblings stuck it out with younger ones who were fearful or tired.

We could go on. But our students are the best! We always knew it, but yesterday we saw it!

Teachers were outstanding. Without being asked, they chipped in. Many on our Bus Team stayed until nearly the bitter end. They found food, they spoke to worried parents on the phone, they greeted parents and safely signed children out, and they calmed and watched over the brood. Mrs. Van Doornik was outside for hours in the snow directing traffic in the circle unbeknownst to most of us! Nurse Weinstein helped us stay hydrated and found a few boxes of allergy free cookies!

Parents and Caregivers were uniformly grateful and expressed their appreciation over and over – your stories about your harrowing journeys to get to Seth Boyden made us doubly grateful you were there, and we worried about your journey home.

Thank you Seth Boyden Family. In adversity, we stood together and we shone!

With gratitude and admiration,

Mrs. Glander and Ms. Murphy