August 12, 2011

Life Science

Field Journals

How to Keep a Field Journal

Field Journals

Doing Science: Keeping a Field Journal

Helpful Hints for Field Sketching

Birds of America By John James Audubon



Biodiversity Basics

Biodiversity: The Tree of Life


How Many Kinds of Organisms Are There?

Biodiversity Facts


Classifying Plants and Animals

Classifying Plants and Animals

How Plants and Animals Differ

National Wildlife Federations E-Guide to Plants and Animals

Tree Identification: A Dichotomous Key

Another Dichotomous Tree Key

What Tree Is It?

Dichotomous Key for Identifying Water Critters


The Great Plant Escape

Backyard Plants

Biology of Plants

Why Do Plants Have Flowers

Seed Dispersal Methods

How Trees Spread Their Seeds

NJ Weed Gallery



Animal Diversity Web

Mammals of New Jersey

Backyard Mammals

ENature Field Guides

Urban Wildlife Field Guide

Animal Adaptations

The Secret Life of Bats

What Does a Bat Look Like?


More About Bats


Welcome to the Amazing World of Birds

Bird Guide

Birds of New Jersey

Great Backyard Bird Count

Backyard Birds

A Sample Life History: The Song Sparrow

What is Migration?

Bird Migration Game

Winter Birds

Field Guide to Black Birds

Blue Birds

Going Buggy! Insect-Eating Birds

Songbirds in the Urban Forest

Facts About Hummingbirds


Countdown: Hummer Eggs to Babies

The Hummingbird Diaries

Hummingbird Food Chains

Adaptations that Help Hummingbirds Survive

Raptors in New Jersey


All About Butterflies

Butterfly Basics

Butterflies and Moths of Essex County

Monarch Butterflies: Multimedia Gallery

Monarch Life Cycle

Monarch Watch: Anatomy

The Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterflies: Lifecycles

Monarch Migration

Where Do Monarchs Go for the Winter?


Backyard Insects


Lets Talk About Insects

Insect Anatomy

Virtual Insects

Images of Insects

Frozen Insects: How Do Insects Survive the Winter?

Where Do Insects Go in the Winter?


Soil and Soil Critters

All About Soil

The Dirt on Soil

Soil Science Basics

What is Soil?

Critters of the Soil

Soil Biological Communities

Urgent: Soil

Creepy Critter Feature


Pill Bug Information

Worm World


Life of an Earthworm

Snails and Slugs

Ecology, Ecosystems, Food Chains and Food Webs

Backyard Ecology

What is Ecology?

Ecology, Ecosystems, and Food Webs

Ecosystems, Biomes, and Habitats

Ecosystems and Food Chains

Biomes of the World

Biosphere Basics

Creating Wildlife Habitats

Animal Friendly Plants

Habitat Sweet Habitat

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Habitat Components

Creating a Wildlife Habitat

Creating Wildlife Habitats

Landscaping for Birds

Landscaping to Attract Birds

Plants that Attract Hummingbirds

Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds

Shrubs and Vines That Attract Hummingbirds

New Jersey Native Butterfly Host Plants

Gardening for Butterflies

Butterfly Plants

Butterfly Plants for Specific Butterflies

Milkweed Photo Gallery

Trees and Forests

Trees are Terrific: Travels with Pierre

Dr. Arbor Talks Trees


Trees and Forests

Student Guide to Trees and Forests

Woodland Explorer

Backyard Fungi

Woodland Gallery

Squirrels and Acorns

Colors of the Leaves

Mans Uses for Trees

The History of Arbor Day


Ponds, Rivers and Wetlands

Exploring Pond Habitats

Frederick Frogs Slide Shows

Pond Life Game

Virtual Pond Dip

Aquatic Critters

Key to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

Field Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Key



Endangered Species

Introduction to Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Endangered and Threatened Species of New Jersey

NJ Endangered Species Conservation Act

History and Evolution of the Endangered Species Act
of 1973

Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Invasive Plants of NJ

Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas


Water and Watersheds

Wrights Water Cycle

Round and Round it Goes: The Water Cycle

The Story of Water

The Water Cycle


Earth Science

If Rocks Could Talk

The Rock Cycle

Backyard Geology

Geological Map of New Jersey

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