November 16, 2015

Social Work and Mentoring

Social Work, Mentoring and Conflict Resolution Program

Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, two of the intelligences listed by Howard Gardner, are crucial to success in school and in life. Without the ability to manage emotions, control impulses, and to work well in groups, students cannot succeed academically or socially. Students need to be able to make thoughtful decisions and to take calculated risks. They need the ability to not only work alone, but also to work well with others. For some students these skills come naturally. Other students require more guidance and support. For those students, Seth Boyden offers extensive social work, mentoring, and conflict resolution programs.


The Seth Boyden Social Work Department


Building Character and Emotional Intelligence

Our social workers provide a variety of programs and services designed to enhance students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences, help them understand themselves and others, cope effectively with difficulties and challenges, exercise pro-social behavior, and develop good character. An important component of these efforts is to build caring relationships and a strong sense of community within the school and beyond.


Social Worker Services

One-on-One Counseling with a social worker or intern is provided to help students with specific issues and challenges that adversely affect their ability to function effectively in the school environment. Students learn to understand and manage their thoughts and feelings, feel better about themselves, make more responsible choices, and enhance their ability to get along with others.

Support Groups are offered on as-needed basis to help children who have experienced the death or illness of a family member, parental divorce or other significant life changes. Support groups provide opportunities for children to process their feelings, develop coping strategies, and support one another.

New Kids Sessions provide for children new to Seth Boyden an opportunity to meet one another and talk about the process of change, school adjustment, and ways to make friends in their new environment.

Friendship Circles meet for 6-8 sessions and cover such topics as active listening and positive communication, teasing and bullying, perspective-taking, appreciating differences, peer pressure and refusal skills, and handling conflict.


Mentoring Programs

Seth Boyden builds community in other ways by establishing personal, caring relationships between students and peer counselors and volunteers from Columbia High School.

Lunch Buddies pairs Seth Boyden students with Columbia High School peer counselors who provide nurturance, positive role modeling, and help with social skills. CHS students spend lunchtime with their buddy one day a week playing games and having fun.

Reading Buddies – A district-wide program which pairs CHS students with struggling readers in grades 1 and 2. The high school volunteers read to and with our students twice a week during lunchtime to help them develop their reading skills and fluency.

Elementors – Another district-wide program which involves CHS students from various clubs and sports teams who come to our building once a week to share their specific talents and experiences. In the past, CHS students have taught our students the fundamentals of basketball, track and field, cooperative games, ultimate frisbee, and chess.


Conflict Resolution – Peer Mediation

Seth Boyden uses the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP), which employs trained student mediators working with adult coaches to help other students talk out and resolve interpersonal difficulties and conflicts in a peaceful manner. Each year, we have approximately 16 peer mediators who help guide our students through the mediation process when disputes or conflicts arise. We have a very active and successful program, conducting over 100 mediations a year.

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