Seth Boyden Wins $10,000 Grant to Develop Garden

Seth Boyden has become one of 11 schools and/or districts in the state to be awarded a $10,000 grant through Sustainable Jersey’s first round of school grants for the year. The grants were funded by the New Jersey Education Association and checks were presented at a brunch and ceremony on Thursday in Trenton.

The money will fund Story Trails and new planting in the school’s Habitat Garden, a mostly wild area in the school’s back yard devoted to plants and trees native to New Jersey. The story trails will be designed to lead students on walks of discovery through the garden, helping them learn to identify species in the garden, as well as to discover the animals and insects that call the patch home. Planners hope members of the community will use the garden as well. […]

Strawberry Fields Adds an Outdoor Kitchen

It is harvest cooking time at Seth Boyden, thanks to the efforts of a soon-to-be Eagle Scout and the school’s garden teacher.

On Oct. 18, Columbia junior Jack Kelly cut the ribbon on Seth Boyden’s new outdoor kitchen, which he built as his Eagle Scout project. The kitchen, which includes a long stainless steel prep counter with a sink, and a small gathering space complete with white board, was built mostly in Jack’s parents’ garage. (Jack’s mom, Lynn Kelly, is a teacher at Seth Boyden and his Boy Scout Troop, Troop 5, calls Seth Boyden home.) Jack raised all the money for its construction and then, with the help of fellow Troop 5 Scouts and some dedicated dads and friends, lugged it to the garden and installed it.  […]