June 18, 2017

More on Health Department Plans for Student Lead Testing

The Seth Boyden PTA spoke to Robert Roe, head of the Public Health Department of Maplewood Township. Mr. Roe said the following:

The school district and the town are fully committed to providing lead poisoning testing for any child who cannot get it from their own doctor. No questions will be asked about health insurance status or any other personal details.

They are working around the clock to organize the testing. They have reached out to several labs, including the largest labs, LabCorp and Quest, as well as St. Barnabas and other area hospitals. The district already has a vendor contract with LabCorp. The labs are seeking approval from management about this process.

The tentative plan from the Health Department would be to have the District doctor, Dr. Coleman, write prescriptions for each child that is getting testing. The district or town would then be billed for the testing.

They expect to have a plan in place by the end of next week.

Mr. Roe asked that if any Maplewood/South Orange citizens work at or have connections to the management of a lab or health facility that does lead testing and might be able to help facilitate this process, to please call him or health department officer Candice Davenport at 973-762-8120, ext. 4400 and 4200.