General PTA

E-list reminders

I hope everyone is settling in for a new, wonderful year.

As we start off the new year, I want to remind everyone to read or review the E-List Guidelines and emphasize a few key points to keep the list effective.

1) The E-List is intended for rapid and efficient (no “lost” flyers) communication within the school community. It is not a general discussion or general publicity list.

2) The E-List is an activity of the PTA, and thus bound by the national PTA charter which prohibits political or commercial uses. I know many parents have or are associated with local businesses, but this list cannot be used to announce such commercial activities. Likewise, political messages or announcements are prohibited.

3) General comments, questions, or discussions of individuals — staff or students — are not appropriate. The exceptions are informational (“who do I ask…”), announcements of accomplishments, and thanks for contributions to school events.

4) Finally, if you have “graduated” from SB, we wish you and yours happy trails and you can find simple instructions for unsubscribing at the end of the Guidelines. Please remember to unsubscribe from the e-mail address you joined with.

The complete Guidelines (and instructions for using/leaving the list) are downloadable from the Yahoo site at:

(click on TermsofUse.doc)

Feel free to contact me directly with any list-specific questions or problems.

Julie Burch
E-List Moderator