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1 School, 100%


Hello Seth Boyden Families!

At the beginning of the school year, we set a goal and a “battle cry” for the PTA – 1 School, 100%. Working together, ALL of us, to keep our school as amazing as it is, and make it even better. I’ve worked alongside many of you this year – assembling 1st day packets, enjoying the Harvest Festival, planning the improvements to our Outdoor Learning Center (and celebrating the installation of the Hexamid!), being entertained by the incomparable talent of our parents and teachers, rewarding the voracious reading of our students during the read-a-thon, and on so many other occasions!

We pride ourselves on being a different kind of school. That means different things to each of us, but let’s make one of our greatest differences that 20% of our families don’t do 80% of the work, as in most places. 1 school, 100%! We’ve made tremendous progress in this goal this year. It really does feel like most of our families are getting involved in some way. This doesn’t just matter to the “grown ups,” it makes a big difference for and to your kids.

But the year is NOT. OVER. YET!

There are many more events coming up for which we need family support:

3/24 Variety Show
4/9-13 Plant Sale (delivery 5/11)
4/21 2nd Annual 5K and Fun Run
4/18, 4/25 Family Math Nights
5/11 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

and SO much more!

Every little bit counts and works toward making our school the best it can be, and uniting us in that effort.

I’m so proud to be part of this community. I look forward to meeting and working alongside many more of you. It’s been a great year so far! Let’s finish off strong!

Susie Adamson
PTA President
Mom of Ben (MA-Kelly) and Noah (1-Tager)

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