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Seth Boyden Celebrates Back-to-School With Ice Cream Social

Students danced to DJ Jenn Jones and ate an entire ice cream truck’s supply of treats as families reconnected after summer break.

ice cream social
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By Alison Poe

On the warm late-summer evening of September 15, the Seth Boyden PTA welcomed hundreds of students and their families to the annual fall Ice Cream Social in the school’s gigantic Outdoor Learning Center.

Hot dogs, Roman Gourmet pizza slices, and free hunks of watermelon were on offer, as were an array of treats from Michael Passero’s vintage ice cream truck, which had completely sold out by the end of the night.

Jenn Jones, a popular local DJ and Seth Boyden parent, indulged a barrage of requests for popular hits, drawing so many kids to the hillside-turned-dance-floor that it was nearly impossible to count them all.

Miniature bouquets on the backyard tables had been made from flowers picked by students earlier that day as part of Seth Boyden’s optional Friday “Garden Recess” program in the huge school garden. While the kids at the party danced, climbed on the playground equipment, cooled off in the water mister, and ran around in the open field behind the Outdoor Classroom, parents and other family members – as well as Principal Frye and a number of faculty members – socialized happily.

The sky was thoroughly dark before families could persuade the last of the children to call it a night.