OLC Work Day on March 3

arboretum tree markerPlease join us this Saturday, March 3, as we prepare the Seth Boyden Arboretum for its official April launch. We will be installing arboretum tree-marker bricks and plant labels. Bring your kids and they can have a large play date while you help.

This day will involve some light work and some heavy lifting. Many bags of cement are being delivered to the school, so we need all the muscle we can get!

If you have any amount of time to contribute, no matter how small, then sign up on SignUp Genius, and help us spread the word by asking other families to join the fun.

What to bring:

  • Work gloves (we have child sizes)
  • Wheelbarrow, optional (email elizabeth.ebinger@gmail.com if you can bring one)
  • Large shovel, optional
  • Snacks/drinks to share, optional