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Seth Boyden PTA General Meeting Minutes, Feb. 11, 2019

Minutes from our February PTA meeting.

Seth Boyden PTA General Meeting

Monday, February 11, 2019

Seth Boyden Library

Discussion about 5th Grade Musical

How do we get kids excited about the musical? Hold an assembly/rally with Kelly Heinz and the 5th graders. [Follow-up: Rally held 2/22.]

Minutes approved from January’s meeting

Assistant Principal Ms. Murphy’s Update:

Ms. VanDoornik invites the school to attend concert in Livingston that she is performing in.

Homework Club will be starting using Title I funds

5th grade musical packets going home on Friday

Ukulele and African drumming class for 3rd graders. Ms. VanDoornik will be helping.

Black History Month Celebration will be until 8PM

Request has been made to find out dates for NJSLA (new PARCC)

PTA has granted money for revival of Boyden Buzz. Parent Kristen O’Connor has volunteered to edit it. 2 teachers may help as well, if their PTA teacher grant proposal for it is approved.

Eye Exam bus – 50 people needed for them to come to SB. It would be from 117 during and after school day, March 19. PTA volunteer help is needed.

Restorative Practices Workshop was good.  Theme of Restorative Practices:  Healing the community after bullying or other incident.

Parenting Center Committee Report from Katherine Gebremedhin:

District has chosen the Controlled Choice model for integrating the elementary schools.

A consultant was hired to work with district- Principals, Superintendent, Ann Bodnar and Elizabeth Aaron.

Karen Weiland (Parenting Center Director) is chairing this committee of parents- 4 representatives per school, as well as for special education and preschool. Not much can be discussed by the goal is for parents to inform.

Committee is looking for more zoned parents. They are open to having more than 4 reps and  volunteers will not have to attend every meeting, so the more there are the better. – Ways to get out word: flyer (also translated to Haitian Creole) to pass out at pickup and aftercare. Also via class captains. [Follow-up: Parenting Center Liaison Katherine Gebremedhin reports that SB now has 5 zoned and 2 opt-in families representing the school, as well as 2 other opt-in SB parents in different roles on the committee.]

International (now Global) Potluck Update from Katherine Gebremedhin:

Proposal: Date change to Friday, May 5th to make it easier for families to attend.  [Follow-up:  Proper parties consulted and date changed.]

Flyer will be sent home for families to fill out what they will bring. Sign-up genius will be available too.

Doesn’t have to just be a food dish. It could be facts shared, games or other items representing a country, culture, tradition, or part of the country.

Name is changed to Global Celebration Potluck.

Hoping to have some kind of performance- either have someone come in, or have kids perform. Idea to have the African drumming class perform.

PTA VP Alison Poe’s Report

Upcoming events:

Roller skating party- Tuesday, March 26th (half day). Optional fee of $10. Volunteers needed

Hip Hop Party- April 27th

Communications system changes for district buses:

GPS on busses

Buses in communication with Principals and Principals will communicate to parents. Parents will not have direct communication with buses.

2019-2020 PTA Board

Trying to generate interest in new families to volunteer for positions.

2-3 VPs next year may be considered, but would have to be voted on by quorum at PTA general meeting.  Attendee asked if 2 presidents would be possible; Alison indicated that the bylaws didn’t seem to allow for it, but promised to follow up.  [Follow-up:  President Olivia Yearns confirmed that it’s not possible to rewrite the bylaws to add another president.]

Get the word out

Assemblies board position?

Some board members have indicated that they’re willing to stay on next year, e.g. Charlie Hanger in Communications (but a new Communications person will be needed for the following year, 2020-21)

Teacher Liaison Role is needed – current longtime Teacher Liaisons both have children graduating, will pass the baton for 2019-20

Open Forum

Question asked about substitute shortage- are specials teachers covering classes? Answer from teacher- yes.  Substitute shortage is district-wide, and at least partly the result of poor pay.

Does Title I go away with controlled choice? Answer from others- it will potentially be same amount of funding but spread across district.