Paying for Lunch
Your child must have a pre-paid lunch account in order to purchase lunch. You can pay online here:

Parents receive forms for applying for free or reduced price lunches at the beginning of the school year. If your financial circumstances should change during the school year, you may fill out a free lunch form at that time.

You can view the menus for the school on the District website.

Lunch at Home
You have the option of having your children return home for lunch or remain at school during lunchtime. If you wish to have your child go home daily, please write your child’s teacher indicating this preference at the beginning of the school year. If your child usually remains in the supervised lunch program, you will have to send a note to school if you want him or her released for lunch on a particular day. You may also sign your child out in the main office. If your child goes home for lunch, he or she may not return for the entire 55 minute lunch and recess session.

Lunch aides, not teachers, supervise the cafeteria and play areas.