Children’s Arboretum and Story Trail in Maplewood, New Jersey!

Seth Boyden Arboretum welcome area

Set on the grounds of Seth Boyden Elementary School, our arboretum is home to more than 120 trees, from Apples to Zelkovas, each one labeled with its species and fun facts.

Seth Boyden Arboretum trailGuided by on-site maps, visitors can follow a meandering trail that starts in our native species garden and winds past the plantings throughout the property. Twelve “story” stations on the trail offer placards with information and questions that encourage children to think about nature in new ways.

Vegetables in our produce garden, a giant sundial, and, in the summertime, a working water mister are among the discoveries that await. Kids can engage in imaginative play in our woodland habitat, with stump “seats” facing a wood-built “throne,” they can dig for worms, build castles in the sand or they can climb on our three playground structures and run around on our wide-open green space. Adults can enjoy relaxing at tables or on wooden benches.

The public is welcome any time before sundown that school is not in session: evenings, weekends, holidays, and the whole of summer break. The links below will give you more information for your visit. Come enjoy your journey of discovery at the Children’s Arboretum and Story Trail!


Arboretum scavenger hunts for kids

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arboretum map and sign
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