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Final Read-a-Thon Results

The fundraising portion of the Seth Boyden 2020 Read-A-Thon is complete! Thanks to all of those who read and raised money, we have raised more than $7,000!  This amazing effort from students, families, and friends will be a huge boon to the PTA as we work to improve “Cafe Seth Boyden.” 

The following students, all of whom logged more than 1,500 minutes/25 hours of reading during March, get to be part of a special breakfast hosted by Ms. Murphy when we’re back at school: 


  • Evelyn Wilson-Brown
  • Simone Kirtz
  • Owen Elwood
  • Lillian Johnson
  • Aurelia Bencivenga

First Grade

  • Lily Rothberg
  • Beatrice Evangelista
  • Curtis Diana
  • Joseph Hirsch

Second Grade

  • Jayson Jean
  • Henry Meagher
  • Louisa Zimmerman
  • Thomas Zimmerman
  • Edith Johnson
  • Levi Gehrke
  • Willoughby Goldstein

Third Grade

  • Marc Ulysse
  • Pierce Yearns
  • Jaymarion Marc
  • River Petersen
  • Olivia Movahed
  • Sadie Fontil
  • Zachary Campos
  • Mason Paul
  • Alens Ace
  • Jesus Maldonado
  • Christopher Hush-Emigdio
  • Benjamin Yazdan
  • James Evangelista
  • Minna Guttormsson

Fourth Grade

  • Bryce Hendricks
  • Cayle Prince
  • Divine Okoli
  • Elliot Lara Puglisi
  • Anna Ebinger
  • Nathaniel Goldberg
  • Richard Cope
  • Chrislow Dorielan
  • Marvens Ulysse
  • Natasha Golshani
  • Rubens Pierre
  • Martin Gehrke
  • Sylvia Holtz
  • Athena Hush-Emigdio
  • Adesuwa Joshua
  • Gary Vincent

Fifth Grade

  • Cayden Prince
  • Aliyah Ace
  • Vanessa Lin
  • Sheridan Yearns
  • Atemafeh Nkemaka
  • Matthew Chin
  • Matthew Philip-Wiliams
  • Marcus Heinnickel

And, for logging more than 1,200 minutes/20 hours of reading during March,  all of the above will also be entered into a raffle to win dinner at the Parkwood Diner, along with the following students:

  • Caitlyn Carmeris
  • Maeve Cope
  • Ruby Meagher
  • Victor Lin
  • Monet McCallum
  • Elise Veal
  • Milo Mafla-Mills
  • Otto Guttormsson
  • Joyce Ristuccia
  • Jayden Hunte

And now, drumroll please for the big winners!

With a whopping 35,603 minutes (that’s 593 1/2 hours!), Mr. Hein’s 4th grade class has the highest number of minutes read with the most students participating. Each student in that class will get a gift bag of prizes when we return to school!

For being the student with the most minutes read in during the Read-a-Thon — an impressive 7,800 minutes/130 hours — Bryce Hendricks will win a $50 gift card to WORDS Bookstore in Maplewood, to use once they’ve reopened.  YAY BRYCE! 

And the following students, each of whom had the highest number of minutes of reading logged for their grade, will be their class representative to slime Ms. Glander! Woo-hoo! We can’t wait to be back at school for so many reasons–including this one!

  • K: Evelyn Wilson-Brown
  • First: Curtis Diana
  • Second: Jayson Jean
  • Third: Marc Ulysse
  • Fourth: Bryce Hendricks
  • Fifth: Aliyah Ace 
Read-a-thon School Seth Boyden News

It’s Read-a-thon Week!

Whooo's ReadingOur Read-a-thon starts Monday, March 13.

This year we are partnering with Whooo’s Reading, a reading comprehension tool that gets students to practice critical thinking skills by writing about what they read.

Students can log into their accounts, enter the books they have read, and comment on books their friends have read. This is also a fundraiser in which students can ask for sponsorship to read books.

Login information went home in backpacks. If you have questions, contact Marian Ezell at [email protected]