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Seth Boyden Social Work Dept – Gratitude Season

A message from the amazing Seth Boyden social work team:

We are in the final months of 2020 and although this year has been unpredictable, the Seth Boyden Social Work Dept thinks that now is a great time to BREATHE deep.


Here’s a fun Gratitude Scavenger Hunt activity that everyone can participate in to kick off our season of showing gratitude for the people and things that have helped to keep us going this year: 

  1. Find something outside you enjoy looking at
  2. Find something that is useful for you
  3. Find something that is your favorite color 
  4. Find something you know someone else will enjoy
  5. Find something that makes you happy
  6. Find something that tastes good
  7. Find something that smells amazing 
  8. Discover something new
  9. Find something that makes you feel safe
  10. Find something that makes a beautiful sound 
  11. Find someone you are grateful for
  12. Find something that is unique to you
  13. Find something that makes you laugh 
  14. Find something in the night that you enjoy
  15. Find something in the morning that you enjoy
  16. Find a friend/pet that you love spending time with 
  17. Find your favorite place to spend time alone
  18. Find something that reminds you of the people you love 
  19. Find something that you enjoy doing outside with friends 
  20. Find a place that you love 

#BoydenStrong #HereForYou #YouMatter

School District Social Work YMCA

YMCA Childcare Support – Now Available at Seth Boyden!

Our local South Mountain YMCA is offering 8:00 am – 4:30 pm care with possibilities of extended-day care from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm for elementary school children.

There are 80%-90% financial scholarships available to families who are eligible to receive free/reduced lunch. 

New spots are opening up for the program in the coming weeks at Seth Boyden Elementary School. 

How to register!? Just 3 easy steps!!!

Step 1: Complete the free/reduced lunch application online at the following link:  
If you’ve already done so for this academic year, you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2: Upon completion, email Ms. Dinkins (Seth Boyden Elementary School Social Worker) at [email protected] to have her check on the status of your application. 

Step 3: Upon approval, Ms. Dinkins will direct you on the next steps for enrollment!

The program will provide the following: 

  • a quiet space for schoolwork, 
  • STEM, Arts & Enrichment, 
  • Character Development, and
  • Social/Emotional Learning, as well as
  • Outdoor Recreation.

Parents/Guardians must provide the following:

  • student’s books, 
  • school work and supplies, 
  • laptops and chargers, 
  • headphones/earbuds are required, 
  • lunch and a refillable water bottle, 
  • backpack (with all items inside labeled), 
  • and two mask coverings are required (masks worn all day.

Please do not be deterred if you don’t have these items, support is available through the school and PTA.