Fundraisers at Seth Boyden

Join Seth Boyden’s Fundraising Team: Help out with the Virtual Auction, Kids’ Night Out, or some of the other great new fundraising initiatives. Email [email protected] to sign up!

No-Frills Donation: Make a difference without selling, buying or baking a thing! Your one-time donation to the Seth Boyden PTA will go directly to funding many important programs, projects and events for our children. You can donate through PayPal, or fill out this form and send in a check.

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Click to enlarge Our school can receive 0.5% of any purchase you make on Amazon. Go to, sign into your Amazon account, search “Seth Boyden PTA” and then click Select. This will associate your account with Seth Boyden, and the PTA will benefit every time you buy something after starting on Click the image at right for details.

Box Tops for Education: You will receive a flyer every month to fill in and return with your Box Tops. Remember: Only send in unexpired Box Tops.

Shop With Scrip: This program allows you to buy gift cards for specific retailers that you already frequent. When you use your card, Seth Boyden gets cash. It’s that simple. Learn more and sign up.