Strawberry Fields Garden

Strawberry Fields Garden at Seth Boyden

We have many exciting programs, plans and ways to get involved with Strawberry Fields. We even have an outdoor kitchen! If you would like to join our garden team, contact Maggie Tuohy ([email protected]).

The Teaching Gardens
Every Seth Boyden class has a garden bed to plan, plant, and maintain. Students experience the life cycle from germination through harvest, from garden waste to re-use, using their own hands and resources to complete the cycle. They learn to properly nurture plants and develop an understanding of the inter-relationship between wildlife and plant life.

Vegetable, flower and herb gardens teach about processes, cause and effect, and healthy nutrition. Through garden design and management, students learn about ratios, perimeters, area, survey design, graphing, measurement, and calendar skills. Counting, measuring, and weighing reinforce math skills. Students visit the garden daily to observe and note changes, and keep individual and classroom garden journals.

New Jersey Habitat Gardens
Seth Boyden students and staff study birds, animals, insects, plants and microorganisms in the New Jersey Habitat Gardens.